We innovate using the industrialized constructive system PRE-MOLD in our homes which allows decreasing time and resources, making the process much more sustainable in economic and social as well as environmental terms.

After a natural disaster or to cope with a housing emergency, we provide a home base which is final, transportable and is already designed to be extended easily. We also provide a daily manual of growth to the families so they can do it themselves or through us.


The MOBA houses have been energy tested, achieving a rating of "A" in reference to the ERH (Energy Rating in housing) regulated by the Housing Ministry of Chile. Achieving annual consumption between 45 and 60 Kwh/m2, this saves up even a 40% of money invested for air conditioning.



We introduce technology in the building reducing the time it takes in a 50%.

Reduce energy consumption

Save up to 40% of energy consumption per year due to the design of the houses.

Sustainable Production

40% less waste of demolition and 10% less waste of materials.

Mobile Factories

They are installed on the site, training and generating local employment.